Thursday, January 17, 2013

Diagonal Sunshine Coaster

Diagonal Sunshine Coaster
US 8 Needles
Your favorite color of a worsted yarn
Tapestry Needle

Approximately 5” X 5”

Length of Time to Create:
Approximately 30 Minutes

CO 20

R1: K
R2: K4, (P2, K3) X2, P2, K4
R3: K
R4: K5, (P2, K3) X2, P1, K4
R5: K
R6: K6, (P2, K3) X2, K6
R7: K
R8: K4, (K3, P2) X2, K4
R9: K
R10: K4, P1, (K3, P2) X2, K5

Repeat rows 1-10 one more time (total of 20 rows).
After that, complete rows 1-7 again.

Cast off and weave in the ends.

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